"Richard M. Dumont is a very talented voice director who keeps entertainment at the center of his work. It’s a delight to watch him direct actors during our voice recordings – and his quick pacing keeps us on time while having fun in the studio."

- Jesse Prupas,  SVP Development & Distribution / Producer “The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog”, “Gawayn”, “Bounty Hunters”

“Richard not only helped us cement an all-star cast for ‘Porta-Pilots’ - bringing out the best in each of them - but he did it while making everyone feel like a star, including those of us behind the console.”

- Neil Ivess,  Producer | Hibernum Créations

"Professional, dependable, and fun, Richard's knowledge of voice directing is unsurpassed. Most impressive, though, is how he builds rapport and interactivity with the actor which always leads to an excellent, if not unexpected performance."

- Jessi Thind,  Lead Writer, Ubisoft “Prince of Persia”, “Splinter Cell”, “Avatar”

“Richard is a consummate professional that you can rely on to communicate your vision to the cast and, by doing so, get the very best out of the actors.”

- Sophie Roy,  Line Producer “SNOWTIME!”

"Richard Dumont is one of the best Voice Directors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge, his positive attitude, together with his work ethic make him a rare combination in our industry. He brings out the best in every performer."

- Mathieu Ratthe,  Director / Producer Matt Ratt Productions

“Richard is my go-to-guy for all things voice. In this chaotic business, he's always wonderfully helpful and resourceful and with him on the case I never have to worry. He gets the job done.”

- Elissa Lewis,  Line Producer

“I have worked with Richard M. Dumont both as Voice-Director and as a Voice-Actor. His rigour, his attention to detail, and his generosity are equalled only by his talent and his professionalism. He’s a tireless perfectionist. He’s always well prepared, well organized, and fully committed to whatever project he’s working on. He has become indispensable to me.”

- Chantal Pagé,  Line Producer/Coordinator | Les Productions l'Oeil Magique | “Sahara”, “Caillou”, “Arthur”, “Wimzie’s House

“As soon as Mr. Dumont enters the room, magic starts happening! Richard will find that white rabbit in the actor’s hat!”

- Unai Gomez,  Voice Designer, Ubisoft “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate”, “Assassin’s Creed Unity”

“Always well-prepared, Richard M. Dumont knew our storylines like the back of his hand. He was able to drive our actors efficiently and beautifully. He was always on top of things, and a tremendous asset for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’’

- Carolyn Vézina,  Audio Production Manager, Ubisoft “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate”

“The recording Team at WANTED! has nothing but good things to say about Richard’s professionalism, pace of session, and directorial skills. 30,000 lines of dialogue is NOT your average dialogue record session! …We look forward to working with Richard again!”

 - John deNottbeck,  President / CEO, WANTED! Sound + Picture

“Richard is a consummate professional and an asset to any audio/visual project. He brings energy, spontaneity, and creativity to his work both as Voice-Director and as Voice Talent. …Richard really makes the magic happen in the studio!"

- Steve Gurman,  President & Sound Supervisor Premium Sound

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